Frequently Asked Questions

common questions you may have before your visit

 What you need to know…

How long are the sessions and what do they include?

The First Session is 90 minutes, and it includes; an intake with a review of your forms and time for you to share your concerns, a Bioscan SRT galvanic skin response test, kinesiology testing for dietary and environmental stressors and a bioenergetic rebalancing.

The Follow-Up Session is 30 minutes, and includes testing of the previous rebalanced stressors, additional stressors biogenetically rebalanced. Every other visit a new Bioscan SRT test is performed to check progress.

What do I bring?

Before your First Session, we will email you forms and instructions for you to fill out and bring with you to your first session. We also ask you to bring a one ounce sample of the water you drink and a one ounce sample of the water you shower in. Bioenergetic work is best done with a well hydrated body. Some people have an imbalance to the water they drink and their hydration can be negatively affected as a result

Do I need to bring lab test results to the First Session?      

No, it is not necessary.  We do not use bloodwork. We use the Bioscan & muscle testing to identify imbalances & stressors in the body.

What is BioEnergetics and How does it work?

A simple explanation of Bioenergetics is as follows: When the body is out of balance, it has the potential to be bombarded by all kinds of negative issues (or stressors).   We introduce the "signature frequency" of the stressor (not the  stressor itself) so that the body no longer regards the stressor as a  threat. With the energetic introduction of the appropriate frequencies, the body will seek to achieve balance or homeostasis on it's own.  The stressor no longer produces any further adverse reactions.

What are common Stressors you deal with?

Stressors vary and can take the form of allergens, foods, chemicals,  environmental toxins (dust, mold, pollen, grass), pet dander, or electromagnetic fields, such radiation from cell phones, WiFi, computers, or  microwaves, and much much more.

Are there any side effects?

Sessions  are completely safe and release energy blockages in the body. If the body has stored toxins behind those blockages than you may experience a detox reaction. This is similar to a detox that may occur after a massage and is often called a healing crisis. Detox symptoms are temporary and can be different for each person but generally take the form of tiredness, headache or even like a mild cold or flu. Staying hydrated after each session reduces the likelihood of a detox occurring, In extreme situations the healing crisis can start the day of the session and may last from 1 to 28 days

What are the ages of the clients you work with?

Our youngest client to date, at the time, was a one week old and our oldest so far has been 92 years old.

How long before I notice a result?

Bringing the body back into balance is a completely individual process. It is dependent upon the extent of the persons stress, their toxic issues and the strength of their immune system. Some people experience almost immediate improvement and others take a few sessions.

Does this REALLY work?

We have been in business for ten years. We continue to have a full-time robust practice that has grown has grown by word-of-mouth. Some of our clients have left reviews we encourage you to check them out

How long will we maintain homeostasis?

Generally, it requires only 1 to 4 visits to maintain homeostasis for any individual stressor and in most cases, homeostasis can be achieved after the first visit.  However, for those who are affected by multiple stressors, several visits may be required to help the body to achieve homeostasis. Once homeostasis is achieved, there is usually no need for continuous visits for the same substance. However some clients with high stress lifestyles like to check in yearly or even every other year.

What is Candida and can Candida overgrowth affect my results?

Candida is a fungus we are all born with that lives in our intestines. It’s purpose is to digest us after we die. But, we don’t want to be “pre-digested”! If your body no longer recognizes the frequency of Candida then cells where it doesn’t belong will allow it to enter. This overgrowth causes a whole host of negative symptoms. But our concern is that Candida overgrowth can affect the permanence of the result. Candida overgrowth is tested on the first visit and if present, a 15 day detox program is suggested. Most candida protocols take months to rebalance but our program includes a bioenergetics process that drastically reduces the time necessary for the desired results. Many former clients are so happy with the results that they refer their friends and family to us for our Candida cleanse alone.