Reviews and Testimony from clients past and present

Since 2009, our trusted method of advertising is word of mouth and client based referrals. We continue to practice in this way and are able to reach new clients in a grassroots, authentic manner without traditional marketing and gimmicks. Our services speak for themselves and we are greatly appreciative of all of our kind clients who share their experiences and successes. Without these successes, we would not be here today.

Please take a minute to read some of our reviews:

When I think back on how I started my long Lyme journey to better health, Debbie is the first that comes to mind! When I first started seeing Debbie, I was so sick. I was just diagnosed by a doctor with chronic lyme disease and several other illnesses like heavy metal toxicity and mold issues. I was in such a weak, overwhelming state. Debbie was so kind and patient with me. She was honest about how long it would take to get me to feel better and always offered the best advice for natural health remedies. We became very close and she still is someone to this day I trust to help me when I have a flare-up.
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We are very happy with results at Allergy Free & More! We took our young son to Debbie for his eczema and after treatments over about 10 visits, his symptoms completely cleared up. Debbie was very patient with us and answered all questions and concerns, as did her staff. We highly recommend her services!
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Debbie delivered miraculous results for my family. My children suffered from myriad allergies and food sensitivities, including gluten and lactose intolerance and many fruits and vegetables. After a couple of visits, they were able to eat foods with no reaction. I was astounded and thrilled with the results!
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Debbie has changed my life. My holistic doctor sent me to her because I was not making any progress with Candida or my numerous food allergies. After going to Debbie, my blood work showed the enormous progress I made in those areas. She also helped me with my sleep issues. When I had insomnia, she added a few things to my treatment and that night and after I slept like a baby. She’s very nice, caring, and I enjoy talking to her. She is encouraging and like a true healer, her presence is calming. I feel myself relaxing whenever she starts her treatments with the machine.
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Attending this practice has changed the life of my family significantly. I suffered pain, allergies, systemic candida, anxiety and several others and she has helped me along in this journey. My children have been treated for seasonal allergies and food allergies and we have seen significant improvement in all of our lives. I am now pain free, have very few allergies and am beyond thankful for the privilege of being cared for from Allergy Free.
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I’ve endured painful shots year after year, drugged myself up on meds and nose sprays yet none of that was sustainable but it was all I knew to do in order to cope....But now thanks to Allergy Free & More I am enjoying spring with my windows and doors OPEN for the first time in my life!! No shots, no drugs, no fuzzy Spring for me anymore!! :)
I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease in early 2015. Feel helpless, hopeless and overwhelmed with treatment options I didn’t know where to turn. Discovering BIE technology at Allergy Free & More was nothing short of a blessing from God. Deborah is just absolutely wonderful! I am on the road to recovery and I credit it to Allergy Free & More.
I battled Candida for years and Deb was able to help me overcome my sensitivity. She also helped me with other sensitivities. I would and have recommended her!! She is also a wonderful person.
I cannot begin to express how physically life changing Allergy Free and More has been. At the height of my allergies I was allergic to almost everything, including a specific commercial brand spring water. Now 5+ yeats later I am still healing but my life has been so greatly turned around thanks to Allergy Free and More... so so much more.
It is amazing how this works. My son, my daughter and myself had treatment at the Center with Debbie. My allergic skin reaction on my hands when washing my dog is gone, so is my asthma when I am around exhausts from gas powered gardening machines. My daughter is OK now with chlorine water and my son could not eat apples and now he can. Also all out Spring allergies were drastically reduced. Thank you!!
Debbie was able to treat some of the most bazaar allergies I had collected over time. One allergy I noticed a significant difference to was VOG while I lived in Hawaii. I also completed the candida cleanse lost 15lbs, and never felt better in my life! I have definitely seen positive results in my life thanks to Allergy Free and More!
Life-changing! Haven’t taken my medicine in months, thanks to Debbie! Highly recommend.
Suffering from allergies for most of my life, I can say this is a different approach that really works. If you go to an allergy doctor — which is certainly an option that everyone should also consider — you will be prescribed medicine. But if you are looking for an approach void of pills and shots, I would recommend trying this! For years, I could not eat lobster and crab; now I can. My seasonal allergies are also much more controlled. My body is definitely more in balance. I haven’t felt this great in YEARS!
I am so very thankful for Debbie. She was the major factor in my healing process. I have Lyme disease and was not functioning because of brain fog, exhaustion, joint pain, muscle weakness etc. Her knowledge and dedication has helped me get though this seemingly impossible illness, incorporating body, mind and spirit. Couldn’t be more grateful!!
Debbie was recommended to me by my MD. She has greatly reduced my allergy to my dog . I can now have a relationship with my dog. She also helped me with other breathing issues. I highly recommend her.
Debbie has been an absolute life-saver! She has consistently improved my allergies, dieting concerns, and most importantly my immune system in less than 4 ½ months (issues I have been dealing with my whole life). Her natural approach to ‘healing’ is fascinating and she will always make time for you, I highly recommend!
Don’t ask me how, but it works!! Debbie helped me get rid of some unexplained skin reaction and cleared a long list of allergies. 4 visits and allergies are gone. Simply amazing!
There are not enough lines to express how grateful I am for this practice and for Debbie. I’ve had extreme health issues for almost 9 years and she has helped me tremendously (understatement). After seeing several other doctors she tested me, and in turn treated me for systemic candida and multiple allergies. No doctor had caught the systemic candida yet...even another naturopath. I had chronic pain from ongoing inflammation, which is now almost gone and a ton of food allergies, which are down to very few.
She also is a humble soul and was willing to work with the other nutritionists/doctors I was currently working with. On top of that, she is a good listener. I needed someone to invest in me and not treat me as a number, as I invested myself in the treatment and financial commitment. And she did just that. She listened to the gauge I had on my own body and took that into consideration while treating me. I have seriously driven out of the parking lot countless times feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for having access to such a good practice and the privilege of being able to be treated (and have my children treated) non-invasively and naturally.
I’ve taken my three children to her and have seen improvements in all of their allergies as well. They have had anything from seasonal to food, chemical, etc.
Bonus: the office staff is so kind and punctual. A stand-out practice is stand-out from the top down. Highly recommend.