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Far Infrared Sauna Overview


We are excited to share with you that Allergy Free and More, Natural Health Center, now offers Far Infrared Sessions available to you right in our office. Please contact our office to make an appointment. We can also help you purchase your own Far Infrared Sauna through a relationship with our vendor and are happy to assist you with obtaining your own personal Far Infrared Sauna for your home. It comes in both an upright sitting postion and a lie down option as well.


Far Infrared Sauna

A regular sauna heats the air. Because of this, it takes time to both heat up the air and then for the heat to slowly be absorbed by the body. In contrast, an infrared sauna sends infrared energy into the body which penetrates instantly. This way, there is no waiting for the unit to heat up, unlike a regular wooden suana. Just to demonstrate how different this works look at this picture;

Interior sauna.jpg

Sturdy Chair

The Relax Infrared Sauna comes with a sturdy, well built and comfortable chair. In many of the imitation infrared saunas they use flimsy chairs which feel like they may break at any moment and sometimes do!

Lie Down Sauna

Lie Down Sauna

Lie Down Infrared Sauna

The Lie - Down Sauna is as easy to carry as a carry-on suitcase. It folds very nicely and is very easy to travel with. It uses an 8 foot foot cord to plug in, and no matter where you are, you are all set to start your sauna (whether it be at a hotel, friend's house, on patio, etc.

Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna

  • Improved circulation - The penetrating infrared energy improves the blood circulation like no other sauna

  • Lose weight - increases metabolism and burns fat. Burns up to 600 calories per session!

  • Beautify skin and reduce the signs of aging - improved circulation = more healthy and youthful looking skin

  • Speed healing by improving circulation

  • Detoxify by increasing the release of heavy metals

  • Faster than a wooden sauna - the Relax Far Infrared Sauna heats up in only 20 seconds

  • Sanitary - self cleaning. Zip it up and run for 5 minutes to self clean.

  • Portable and space saving - breaks down in less than 5 minutes

  • Efficient - Fast heat up time saves energy costs. Turn it on and you are ready to start relaxing!

  • Time saving - get a complete sweat session in only 20 minutes which is about half the time of a regular wooden sauna.

  • Lower blood pressure - the infrared sauna increases blood flow and scientific evidence shows that over time this reduces blood pressure

  • Oxygenate the blood - increases nitric oxide production which reduces blood clots and plaque formation, also fights infection